Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

on the Excellency of Cbri ft. i29 fir flun,lertake this great work with his Father , bee knew what hee fhould fuffer, A body haft thou prepared mec, it is "7. written in the volume of thy book I'hould do thy wig and lo ! come, I delight to do thy will, And what was it ? It was the fuffering of all there things that I have named unto you , and I have but even named them unto you. Eighthly, And yet further, the wonder of Chrifls humi- liation (my (cope is now to prefent as briefly as may bee,as much of Chrifl as I can unto you , that you may have fome help for your more clear apprehenfions of Chrifl , and how to make him the objea of your faith) The wonder of Chrift appears in this, that there fhould bee fuch a way to fave men as this is, that the Son of God fhould bee thus humbled, and this wee finde clearly in Scripture Pet out to us; but that God would have fuch a way to fave fanners, and no other , this is as great a wonder as any thing, it is cer- tainly the aflonifhment of the Angels, and the admiration of the Saints to all eternity; that the Lord fhould look up- on bale man, and that hee fhould have thoughts to fave him, that was nothing ; but when God law that if hee bee faved, hee mull bee faved after this way, that God fhould as it were trouble heaven and earth for the Paving of a poor wretched finful creature , and though God faw that it would coil him fo dear to fave a foul , yet that hee fhould go on with his work to fave him, here is the wonder ; but this is the way of falvation, and this is that that is infinitely above reafon , not onely above fente , but above reafon; which of the Heathens could have imagined that there fhould have been fuch a way to fave man by as this ; Why how wilt thou bee faved ? I will cry to God for mercy, and break off my fin, and bee forry with all my heart , why if this were the way there was no wonder in that ; but know oh thou firmer, whofoever thou art , that if ever thou bee faved, that thou mull bee faved by a wonderful way ; and the truth is, confidering that this is the way of Paving fin - ners, wee may (land and wonder that any are faved; when you hear of but few that go to heaven y and that moll S people