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132 §.WAAAAAAAtAAAAA MAAAOAtittA tA we offivagaffit The Fifth SERMON ON The Excellency of Chill. Ifaiáh 9. 6. And his Name (ball bee called Wonderful. He point that wee are upon you may remem- ber is this , That 3efur Chri.4 t the great Wonder of the world; As is his Name,fo is bee wonderful. - 9, There is yet more wonder in it if wee confider that God the Father was well pleafed with all this, it pleafed him , fo you may finde in ¡fa. 5 3.1 o. It pleafed him to bruife him. It pleafed the Father ; For God the Fa- ther taking fuch delight in his Son, and feeing him brought into fuch a low condition, not onely to be in the form of a fervant, but in the form(I fay)and fimilttude of an evil fer- vant, to bee beaten, and fo beaten by himfelf , and all this to pleafe him , certainly there was fome great matter in it, that God the Father should bee well p leafed with making his own Son to bee a curfe for mans fin and yet ti's wee finde in Scripture , that it was a thing that well pleafed, God, -,