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On the Excellency of Cbrift. God,certainly wereit not for force great and wonderful de- fign that God had CO bring about,God the Father could not have been well pleafed with fuch a thing , with the death of his own Son, and putting him to death , and that ro an ac- curfed death,yet he was well pleafed; certainly there was a wonderful defign that God had to bring about by fuch a way. to And then further, the humiliation of Chrifl is won- derful in regard of the efficacy of his humiliation , that by his death, all the wrath, and the Jufhice of God fhould bee alit were fwallowed up in reference to all the elect ,' that the wrath and jufiice of God fhould bee fwallowed up in a few dayes fuffering of Jefus Chrifl (of this man jells Chrifl) that God fhould account it as much as if all the ele& had been under his wrath to all eternity, the efficacie of Chriils fuffeting is a wonderful efficacie, for it is an in- finite efficacie , it is infinitely fatisfaelory, ri Yea further , not only fatisfa6lory to Gods Juflice, but it is that that takes away the fling and venome of all Chrilts futfer- the fufferings of the Saints to the end of the world; the ef= inns takes a- ficacie of Chrifas humiliation it is in reference unto God n te and evil the Father , and it is in reference unto the Saints ; I fay that is in the in- reference unto the Father , it fatisfies all his Saintsfucfer__ Juftice and Wrath ; And in reference unto the ele& inns ones , it is that which tafIces away the fling and the venome of all their hunitlrations and fufferirìgs tó the end of the world ; though God hath fo appointed that his Saints that hee fees his heart upon to do good unto for ever, should here in this world fuller many hard things, bee un- der grievous of lip }ions , yet there is fuch a way taken , as that Jefus Chrifts fufferings fhould take away all the fling, the venome, the evil of their fufferings, and fo Chrifl was wonderful in his fufferings in that regard : There was ne- ver fufferings, nor fuch a death in the world, that it fhould take away the fling of all fufferings, and death too, for fö many thoufands of people, and yet-this did it. ChriftTaffered; i -a And further , Chrifl is wonderful in his fufferings; as a common beçaufebee,fuffeted as a common Perfori, bee did not Perron. . 3 . fuller 133