Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

Ors the Excellency of Chrifl. I very briefly prefent all there before you , but in a few words to chew you a little of the myflery of godlinefs in every one of there , that fo I might in a very little narrow compafs , prefent the chief glory of Jefus Chrift unto you, I mean the heads of it ; though wee cannot tell you the thoufandth thoufandth part of the glory of Chrift. ChriftWonderftel in his RefurreElion. Chrift was wonderful in his Refurreòtion; there was ne- ver fuch a Kefurreaion , nor never shall bee, as Chrifts was. That Chrift role from tiiie dead , I fuppofe you all know,, but now the myflery of godlinefs in this , and the wonderful work of God in it , In Rom. i .4. it is laid, That. Chrift was mightily declared to bee the Son of God in his Refurre&ion from the dead. You will fay, Why, others rife too, both godly and wick- ed (hall rife , how is Chrift wonderfully and mightily de- clared to bee the Son of God by the Refurreaion from the dead ? Why thus , Chrifl hee undertaking to fatisfie for mans fins, to pay the debt that man did owe to God for his Sin; God the Father comes upon him, rues out the Bond, calls him into Prifon , into the Gaol : Now when Jefus Chrift did arife from the dead , there was a declaration to all the world that hee had fatisfied the debt fully to God the Fa- ther , that hee had paid fully what Divine Juflice did re- quire for the fin of man; now this was a mighty declaration of Jefus Chrift to bee the Son of God ; had bee not been the Son of God , hee could never have rote again , having dyed upon fuch rearms as hee did; Chrifl did dye to fatisfie Gods wrath , and undertook this , Lord I am content to come under the bonds of death till thine infinite Jullice shall fay, That it is fatisfied, that it bath enough : If all the Angels in heaven , and men on the earth had under- took fu:h a work, and faid, Lord, Let us all dye, and abide under the power of Death' until thine infinite Juflice'hall ; fay 139