Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

ILO On the Excellency of Chrift. Conquerour to overcome an enemy , fo as an enemy fhall not bee able to do any more hurt to thofe that belong to him , and another thing to fubdue them fo far as to make them all to bee fervants to him , that is a greater Conqueft. Man by a ftrong Army may bee a Conquerour by killing his enemies, and io never to hear of them more, but if bee can fubdue and bring them all to bee ufeful and ferviceable to himfelf and his people , this Conqueft is a great deal the more glorious ; now fuch is the Conqueft of Chrifh, that bee bath not onely quelled their power , but bath brought all to bee ferviceable to his people , the Law is ferviceable to them, and now Gods Juji ce is for good to them , and the very wrath of God is now for their good, and the Devil,and Death, and Hell, and wicked men they are all made ufe- ful unto Jefus Chrift, and fo unto his people. Laftly , Chrift is wonderful in his Conqueft in this , that hee conquered.likewife as a common Perfon, as a head, and in him hee hath made all his Saints Conquerours , yea the Scripture faith that they are more than'Coequerours through Jefus Chrift , in him they are looked upon as having over- come all thofe : Thou that art the weakeft in thy Pelf , and art able to do leaft, art afraid of every expreífìon of Gods wrath , and terrour of the Law , of the threats of wicked Men, of the temptations of the Devil, of the very thoughts of Death or Hell , yet I fay, if thou beef a beleever,thou haft conquered all thefe already, they are not one y con- quered to thy hand, but thou haft conquered them a',l, that is, vertually in thy head, thou art made a Conquerour over Sin,and Death,and Hell , and as in Chrift thy head , fain force meafure in thy felf , that is , Chrift hath put fuch a principle into thy heart as will conquer all thine ,enemies that come againft thee, in due time, fo that this is the glory of Chriffs Conqueft, and bee is wonderful in it. Now more particularly there is following the Conqueft of Chritl, Chrifts RefurrePion, and his Afcention, and his fitting at the right hand of the Father , and his coming to Judgement : In all thefe wee have a wonderful Redeemer. I very