Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the excellency of Chrift. i4t The anfwer that here the Apoftle fpeaks of, it is an an- fwer unto all demands that Gods Juhice, that the Law,that the Devils can make , for any punishment that a finner hath deferved : If Gods Juftice fhould fay to a finner, Thou haft finned, and therefore thou mute dye , thou mute bee punifhed , thou mutt fatisiie juftice. If the Devil íhould come and demand that the Threats of God fhould bee fulfilled becaufe here is a finner. If thine own confcience fhould in the Name of God demand that thou fnouldefi anfwer for thy fin. A good confcience by the Refurrelio.y of Jefus Chrifl, is able to make anfwer to all thefe demands : A good confcience , that is , one that haul a good confcience can make anfwer through Chrifls: Refurre6ìion , and fay, Why are thefe things demanded of mee ? Chrií't hath fa- tisfied for all , bee teach fatisfied for my fin, and paid my debt , and is rifen again. Hath not God the Father acquitted him in railing him from the dead , and therefore in him all is fatisfied , and this is the anfwer I make to ail the Bills that are put in againfl mee. If there bee Bills put in againfl mm in any Court, they come and make anfwer ; What ever Bill can bee put in a-1 gainfl a beleever, if the Law of God, or any Temptation fhould put in -any Bill ,- faith a beleever , here is my an- fiver, That all is fatisfied in Chrift : Now this is by the Re- furre&ion of Jefus Chrifl; if Chrifl had dyed, yet if hee had not rifen again, 'thou couldeti not have made anfwer, That all is done, all might have been doing,but thou couldefl not have made anfwer that all is done; but by the Refurreaion of Jefus Chrift,thou canll make anfwer to any demand. And obferve, That this is the anfwer of a good con- fcience. Men and women that talk fo much of faith, and yet have evil confciences , they cannot make this anfwer by the Refurrediion of Chrift : Thole that tell you wee are to beleeve , and God looks at nothing elfe -but be- leeving : It is true , if they underhand it aright , in the point of Juhification, that is the thing that is for the jufli- T 3 lying