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I4* on the Excellency of chri fl., fying of a perfon, but there is fomewhat more that is re. quired of a jullified perfon , and therefore no perfon can make this anfwer, by the Refurreaion of Jefus Chrift, but fuch a one as !lath a good confcience : I he anfwer of a good confcience (faith the Text) by the Refurretiion of 7efus c hrtfl : If thou haft a corrupt and vilde wickedconfcience, thy confcience flyes in thy face for fins that thou liveft in, lInow, that thou can& never make anfwer (ro thofe de- mands that shall bee made againll thee)by the Refurre&ion of jefus Chrifl,with any comfort,till thy confcience comes to bee purified by faith : That is the wonder of Chriíls Reurre&ion, mightily declared to bee the Son of God. And in his Refurre&ion , there is a Refurreftion of all the Saints, all the ele& ones ; for the Scripture faith, That hee was the firfi fruits from the dead, that is , that look as the firft fruits did fan&ifie all the reff , and all were con- fecrated in the firft fruits being offered to God : So all the elect ones in Chriíls Refurre&ion did rife again, I fa vertually in him,and it was a pledge of their Refurre,tion, the Relurreaion of their fouls fpiritually to life here , and their Refurrection to eternal life , and fo wee are to exer- cife our faith upon Chriíls Refurred}ion; this is the myfiery of godlinefs in CI-rifts Refurretlion, and hence is that known place in i Tim,3.I6. Without cantroverfie, faith the Text, great is the myfiery ofgodlinefs, God was manifefied in the fell), jufli fled in the Spirit. A wonderful myftery there is in godlinefs ; why what myftery ? God was.manifefled in the flesh , the Son of God came and took our nature upon him , that was wonderful , but this is as great a wonder as the other, juf¢i fyed in the Spirit, it is all one as by being juftified upon his Refurre &ion by the power ofthe Spirit hee was quickned, and life was put into him, and fo hee rofe again, and thereby was declared before all the world to bee jufkified , to fland acquitted from all the charge of our fins that was upon him ; and fa if