Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

148 On the Excellency of Chrift. Oh blefted bleffed Redeemer , make thefe fouls to under- Rand thefe things, to underftand fomewhat of this wonder; wee have many wonders of our own, and wee tell this and that news, but Othat Chrift would but Phew himfelf now to your fouls, that you may underf }and fomewhat of this wonder, that your hearts may bee for ever taken off from wondring at any thing in this world : 1 have feen, faith va- vid, an end of at perfection, but thy Law is very broad : So wee may fay, and the heart would fay that were brought to Chrift , Oh Lord , I have feen an end of all the great things in the world, but Jefus Chrift is very great and glo- rious indeed, it is hee that bath darkened all the glory that there is in the world,, but now I may fay of all thefe things, as it is faid of Daniel, in chap. t a. verf . i o. None of thewicked( hall underf$and, but the wife fhall underiand thofe things that are fpoken of Chrift; the wicked they will not underftand, thofe that God hath . not given unto Jefus Chrift will not underftand,, but they will bee content to part with Chrift for any china for. all this : O deteflable wickednefs that there ism the heart of man, that after this that hath been revealed to you about Chrift , fo much of his glory held forth for the wonder of the world, that after this yet thou fhouldeft prize thy bafe lulls before all the good and the glory that there is in Jefus Chrift : certainly that man or woman mutt needs have the Angels in Hea- ven, and all the Saints to acknowledge the righteous judgement of God in the condemnation of them, that bath lived under the Gofpel, and hath heard what a wonderful Saviour is corne into the world, if fuch a one should yet go away, and prize a bate filthy luft before all the good and glory that there is in Jefus Chrift ; take heed of this : certainly if it bee fo, if anyy of you bee found at the great day Hill going on in the wares of known fins, , this will bee your charge, You lived in fuch a place wherein you heard that my Son was the great wonder of the world, and glo- rious things were fhewed you, to allure you to beleere iID