Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

on the Excellency of Chri ft. x47 any man came to underhand him, the higher in degree their under( }andings were, the more they fhould wonder, cer- tainly this man had a great deal of excellency in him in- deed : So it is in Chrih, that when the Saints fhall bee ele- vated to the height, they fnall fo much the more admire at him. Further, In Heaven Chrif} f,a11 bee wondred at for e- ver ; many things are wondred at for the prefent, I but the wonder quickly ceafes; wee úúe to fay of (}range things, they are but of nine daies wonder, but Jefus Chrili is not onely a wonder at firs}, when the foul comes firft to em- brace Jefus Chrif} : It is true, poor fanners at their firf} em- bracing Jefus'Chrift, for the very novelty of thofe things they fee in him, they do admire at them, they never did. un- deriland fuch things before; but the truth is, if that grace bee true, thou fhalt not onely wonder when thou come(} to Chri f} at firfi , at the excellency in him, but the longer thou continueft a Beleeve!, the more thou wilt wonder; and when thou con i+ : to Heaven, after thoufand millions of millions of years, thou wilt wonder as much at him as thou dicta the fini moment; th ofe men that have made profellion ofReligion, and feem'd to come to Chrif}, they wonder at ftrf} hearing of the Gofpel, like the flog-ground, that ; e- ceived the word with joy, Oh how wonderfully are they af- feeted at the firfi hearing of the glorious things of the Gol pel 1 but now mark, their wonder quickly ceafes, and their 1óy ceafes within a little while ; they do not now fee fo great excellency to admire at it, neither have they fo great joy; but where there is true Faith, there the foul doth not onely wonder at Chrif{, at his farh coinming to Chrif}, but íh11 more and wire t0 alt eternity. And now my Brethren, 'meethinks that all wonders in the world fliould lye by a while, upon this wonder of Chrifts king prefented to you; and as wee read in Dan. 6. of one that came in a vifibn, and Paid, Gabriel, make this man to xnderftand the viJ7e4; fo than I call to a Gabriel? no, to Je- fus Chrift, to he Immanuel, hee that is the "great wonder; V 2 Ob