Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Chrifl. when did God dart light into your fpirits, to.cauCe you to fee fo much of Jefus Chrifl, as made him ro bee the great wonder of alt his works? certainly that foul knows nor God nor Chrifl favingly, that knows him not as the wonder of the world; it is impofíible that Euch a poor crea- ture as man is should come to underhand Euch great my- aeries of godlinefs as are in Chrih in any meafure , but mull needs admire at the glory of that great work, and fay with acclamation, Oh the height, and depth, and breadth, and length of the glory of God, his Wifdome, and Mer- cy, and Truth, and Power ! Many Notesof Trial there may bee of Faith, but I know not any one more familiar than dais is (at leaf+ ne- gatively, it mull needs bee a true Note) that is, that there cannot bee Faith without it, namely, if the heart bath no: been taken, upwith the wonder of Chrifl, fo as all the wonders in the world have been darkened in the foul in comparifon of Jefus Chrifl. Secondly , If Chrift bee fo great .a wonder, then O how vile a thing is it for the hearts of men to prefer any bale filthy lulls before Jefus Chrift ? when God bath mini felled him in that wonderful way unto the children of men, and fo much of his glory in him, yet that their hearts fh)uld bee taken off from him, and every bale lull to be prefer - red before him, Oh how jufl mull the condemnation of Euch bee for ever ! wee may take up that complaint that there was in Pfal. z o6. 7. Oar Fathers underflood Hot thy won Pfal, 106, deis, faith the Pfalmifl : So the truth is, as our Fathers did not, fo few there are that underhand the wonders of the Lord in .Jefus Chrifl; and therefore: everything is prefer- red before him; with what infinite indignation mull God needs look upon that wretched foul, that {hall prefer every bare Tuft before Jefus Chriff? I remember a fpeech of Chryfólleme, (peaking of that Text , That our vile bodies Pall bee made like unto the glorious body of Chrift, faith bee, were all the world turned into tears, yet they were not fuE£icient CO lament the mifery of that foul that forfakes Jefus Y5a