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i s z on the Excellency of Chrift. Jefus Chril: his heart was fo much taken wish the eycel- lency of Jefus Chrifl, that hee thought it impolible to la- ment the misery of the creature that ¡hould forfake him : and fo Sr, Paul having his heart filled with the glorious Myftery of Chrift , hee breaks forth with this dreadful curie , Hee that loveth not the Lord Jefus Chr/1, let him bee Anathema Maran -atha, as if St. Paul fltould fay (having his fpirir filled with the glory of Chritl) Oh what (hall God mantlell fo much of his glory in his Son, and ¡hall bale wretched vile creatures prefer their lu'.ls before him , and have their hearts taken up with other vain things , and not love the Lord Jefus Chriti ? let that foul bee curled with a bitter curfe, faith Paul; fuch a foul Both deferve indeed to bee curled with a. bitter and an eternal curfe , that (hall hear fo much of Jefus Chrifi, and how God path revealed himfelf in that wonderful way in his Son, and yet that foul í1,a11 not bee willing to forfake a bate lull for all the good there is in Jefus Chrift; let that foul bee curled with a bit- ter cutte: It deferves above all creatures to have the moil bitter curfe to bee upon it to all eternity : certainly the more glory there is in Chrift, the more dreadful will the condemnation of wicked men bee, This is ( the) con- demnation, that fuch glorious light is come into the world, and men chofe darknefs rather than light. How many hear of Chrift, and minde little, but only have a noife,they hear fome Li-range things of Chrift, and let them pals by, and think there is little realliry in what they'hear, but the onely real comfort is in fatisfying of the fle'¡h in the lulls of it. In Aa r 3, 41. weebiave an excellent Scripture for the A&. 13. 4i. reproof of fuch that hear the Gofpel, and minde it not ; Beware therefore, left that come upon you which is fpoken of in the Prophets, Behold' yet defpifers, and wonder, and peri(h, for I work a work in your dales, a work which lee Jima in no wife beleeve, though a man declare it lento you: Ir is fpoken concerning Chrift, as appears in the verfe before, And by him all that beleeve are lnfli f ed from all things, by whichyee could not bee j,fified by the Law oftholes : Now then