Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

The Contents, Chrift wonderful in his Conquejts; what did h>e conquer, an- fwered. 16 Chri/l' conquered death by dying. I'.7 Chri(l conquered in his own power. ib. Ghrifl conquered as a common perfon. 138 Chrift wonderful in his refurreetion. 1393t° i 44 Ghrifl wonderful in his afcenfion. 145 And fitting at the righ; hand of his Father. 144 Chrift wonderful in his coming to judgement. 145 Chrift wonderful in his working towards his Saints, and in their high efteem of him. 146 In Heaven Chrifi (hall bee wondred at for ever. i 11 Application. 1 Chrift bat little known in the world. 15.0 2 How vile a thing is it to prefer a filthy lull before Christ ? 151 3 It difcovers the mifery of maan.bçinde t'o bee exceeding great. 154 4 Renee then 4 beleevers have exceeding caufe of rejoycing, in hearing of what Chrift is, what a wonderful Saviour they have. 156 God bath exceedingly honoured Beleevers. ib. Jefus Chri/t a full Ob jeEl for their fouls re/t. 156, 157 God Both intend wonderful things for the Faints. z 58, to 163 The reafon that Chrtftians are fo empty in their lPirits and con - verfations, is, becaufethey know fo little of the c.24yflery of the Gofpel. 164 Duty of Chriftians to hold out'the wonderful glory of Ch'i/t in their converfations. 166 If Chri.fí bee wonderful here, every one that hears of C hrift fhould thiokit a dreadful thing to mifs of Chri/t. 167 La", Let us long for the time when 7efu4 Ghrifl (hall appear in all his glory. 168, to the end: