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The Contents. 3 All the good from God in order to Eternal Life is fro* Chi ,i fi. 11.9 q. 7 he.gl: ry of the Father is wonderful in Chrgli ix this,, that by him hee attains unto his greatei defign us making the world, and preferving the world. 120 3 hat defign. ib. 5 All the fervices and proffer of Gods EleEl cane to him through C brifi. 121 Chru t wonderful in his Humiliating: 122 The fir i wonder in his humiliation is, that all the flus of the -Fled fhould bee laid upon Chrift. 122 A fecond, That hee that was fo high, fhould bee brought fó low for the fn of snap. 123, A third, Chrifi is wonderful in his humiliation) in that bee fuffered in his foul. A fourth wonder in Chrifis humiliation is, that hee fhould fuffer fo much from his Father. 126 A fifth, In that God doth not fpare him at all, but is the exe= cutioner himfelf. 127 .r4 fixth wonder of Chrifts humiliation is, that God fhould leave him. 128 A feventh, Though Chrift fore-faw his fuffering ", yet that bee fhould willingly undergo it. 128 An eighth, That this fhould bee the way of Paving men. 129 life of Trial, whether Chrifi bee revealed to tit. 131 A ninth wonder in Chrifis humiliation is this, that God the Father fhould bee pleafed with all this. 232 A tenth is, the efficacy of his humiliation is a wonder. 133 4n eleventh, (brills humiliation takes away the venom of all the Saints fisf ferings. ib. A twelfth, Chrifi fief as- a common perfon. ib. Ashirt eenth, ano :her wonder is, that by fuch a way of humi- liation (brift entred into his glory. 134 4 f ourteenth , (Prigs humiliation was a molt wonderful ar- gument of Gods hatred offin. 23 5 C hrißs fuf e, flog, a pattern o f Self- denial. kb. Chrifi