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On the 6xceIeiacy ©f Chrtft. y7t And thou shalt not onely fee him, but fo fee him, as hee (hall never go out of thy fight; thou hall but a little glimpfe of him now for the prefent, and thy foul rejoyces in that , the time is coming when thou {halt fee him, and thy eyes (hall feed upon him for ever ; the Lord Chrifi fhall go up and down the Heavens as the wonder of the Angels and all the Saints (hall bee following, wondring at him to all e- ternity ; The lufter of the deity fhall bee fhiningthorow the humanity of Christ}, and men and Angels fhall ¡land gazing and wondring at the glory, of Jefus Chrifl to all eternity: Oh let as esmfort one another with thefefAyings, and in the ex- pe5lation of the glorious appearing of Jefus Christ}. And thofe that fhall long for the glorious appearing of Jefus Chrifl, upon the feeing of him here, have a good evidence that they do belong to Jefus Chrifi, and fhall bee parta- kers of the wonderful things that Jefus Chrifi hath wrought and nurchafed with his own blood. And thus wee have opened to you and applied this glori- ous wonder of Jefus Chrift ; His .Name fhall bee called Wonderful; hee is wonderful in the Word, Oh that hee may bee wonderful in your hearts, and in your lives. â-00 Bb 2 The