Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

170 on the Excellency of. ChríJ1. fíruments, and they look upon him, that the God of Abra hwan, Ifaac, and Jacob hath glorified, even Jefus Chrift; and bee is the matter of their wonder, But doff thou wonder a jefus Chrift now ? know, Chrift will come ere long in ano- ther manner to bee admired at by his Saints in all his glo- ry; Chr fi was wonderful when hee came with fin, and when lee comes without fin bee (hall bee more wonderful; bee (hall come in all his glory with his holy Angels, to make good all that hee bath promifed, and to bring with him all that hee bath purchafed, and then wee fall fee him as bee is. -- Now wee fee JeCus Chrift bat thorow a glafs and yet our hearts are taken with. him;and wee wonder at him now, but oh how (hall wee wonder when wee come to fee him as hee is ! when wee thall behold his face in glory; we fee now the Lord Chrift in his Ordinances, tut as in a pieture; As at the firff, when there are treaties between one Prince and another about a match, the firff fight that they have . of one another, it is but by a pie}ure, and if they bee de- lighted with but Peeing the picture one of another, much more will they bee delighted and inamoured with the per -, fon, when they come to fee it its felf : fo it is with the Saints, here all that the Saints can fee of Jefus Chriff, that makes them fo wonder at him, and to account him to bee the chiefeft of ten thooafand, albs but by feeing -of him by a pifure; Jefus Chriff is in Heaven, and hee fends us his plaure in his Ordinances; fo St. Paul faith, in Gal. 3. con- cerning the Minilíry of the Word, that Jefrss Chrifl had been evidently fet forth crucified among them. Now are your hearts taken with the fight of Chrift, when you fee him as it were in a piaure? know, as Chril+faid to .Nathanael, Fe cau f e 1 faid unto thee, 1 f ay thee under the Figg tree, be- leeveff thou? thou fhalrfee greater Things than theft.: So thou shalt ere long fee Jefus Chrift as hee is; ;Fee are now the Sons of God, but it appears not what wee (hall bee, for when hee (hall appear, wee (hall bee like him, for wee ¡hall fee him as hee is.. And