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Mfß9.WA.MtAAW.M>::4AQb ' N ,- RN V, rioricVmx014Triqrrioirriuricri'VIVVIPPrior TYVerr-V The Firít SERMON ON The Nature of god. E lafl day, you may remember, wee opened` that Point of the condition that men are in that live without a God in the world; It is evil to bee without bread, without friends, without outward comforts; how great an evil then to bee without a God in the world ? and who they were that did live without a God in the world, that knew him not, that had no interefl in him , and the like ; and then was promi fed Therefore feeing there are fa many poor wretched creatures , fo many Families that live without a God in the world, that know nothing of him, and live as if they expe&fed nothing from him and fear no evil to come from him at all; therefore wee promifed to labour to fet forth before you fome what of God that might help you to know him , to Phew you what bee is : And to that end turn to that Scripture , Pat. i48. part of the i 3. verfe. For hia Name alone is excellent. T His Pf èlm is a Pfalm of praife , praifing of Cod for all the glorious rnanifeaations of himfelf in his great B Works, Text,