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Doa,a't< On the Nature of God. Works, and calling upon all creatures to praife him, be- caufe bee is glorious in every creature ; but the Pfalmit refs not in this in praising God for the glory of him that appears in the creatures, but bee rife s higher, and takes in- deed the rife from thence to praife and biefs God for what these is in himfelf, above that which doth appear in any creature. For fo it is , clear, that to this the Pfalmifl Both arife in my Text , Let them praife the name of the Lord : fir his name alone is excellent, his glory is above the Earth and Heaven. The. Earth and Heaven , and all crea- tures therein, are called to praife Gods name , and David praifes the name of God for what appeared there , but faith hee , Praife the Lord : for his Name alone is excel- lent and hisglory is above the Earth and Heaven. His Name the Name of God is either taken for God hi s- felf, or for the manifeflatiàn of God; often in Scripture for God himfelf , as, The Name of the Lord is a flrong Tower , the righteous run unto it, and are fafe ; that is, God himfelf, Flee is the flrength and Tower , hee is the ob ;ms& of the truth of his people ; and fo other Scriptures ; or otherwife, that whereby God may bee known ; His Name is great in Ifrael : And here we are to underftand both; for his Name alone is excellent , that is, God himfelf is excellent alone, the Name of him of him alone, is high, is lifted up , is excellent ; and that wee are to underftand by the Name of God here, God himfelf; as well as his Manifefiations, ap- pears in the words at the end of the verfe, His glory is a- kove:the earth and heaven. Now Gods mantfelfatton is ei- th.er in heaven or earth. But there is a further glory of Çod tharis in himfelf , that is beyond all that is , or can bee manifefied in ,. or to any creature ; fo that from the words thus opened , there are thefe tWo dtx rinal Points one(' wil but only touch it)is raifed from the connexion of the words with theformer, and the,other,that is, the fub- Hance of the Text, that wee !hall abide a . while up- The fiat is this , rho a grads gars iá .vet fat i ed with