Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

The Contents. The Devil himfelf efleems it. p. 220 lire 1 Sheweth that wee ought to look upon every childe of man with fame reverence, efleem, and honour. 221 Ufe 2 How can wee look upon many people without having our hearts railed with the meditation of the dreadfulnefs of Gods Mice upon men for fin? ib. Ufe 3 It mull needs bee an honourable workto bee bufied a- bout fouls. 223 l,Xfe 4 Thole that have moll Soul - Excellency , are the moll excellent people. 226 We 5 Let us biefs God for our fouls. 2.28 -For hence it is that 1 Tou are look'd upon by the óngels themfelves. ib. z The Providence of God is more towards you. ib. 3 You are fuck as are capable of all the good Chrifihath purchased. 229 4 Blefs.God for Soul- ,Mercies above all other. 231 7 What a pitty is it that God fhould not have the honour of mens fouls. 231 S Take heed of difhonouring thefe fouls ofyours.. .QLtellion How may a man duhonour his foul ? Aufwer, b 236 I When hee lives idlely, and makes no ufe of it. ib. . 2 when hee emploies it about low and mean things. 237 3 when hee defiles his foul. . 3g 4 When hee make it a drudge to his body. ib. 5 When hee grudges the tame and -coil hee fpends upon it. 6 When hee laies not up provifion for it againfl an evil day 240 7 When hee thinks to fatisfie it w4h arry thing but God. ibid. ib. Next life fhéwshow to put honour upon our foul. And that By having your thoughts often upon them., 2 By keep,ng your bodies under them. 3 By adorning your fouls wit's beauty. ib. 241 242 4 B.Y