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The Contents 4 By providing for them. ib, -5 By employing them in things fuitable to them. ib. 6 By 6ring/ng them togain that. end for which they were made. ib. DoEI. 2 That the lofs of the foul is a mole: dreadful lofs. 243 Anfwers to that ,Quefiion, What Chrili means by the lofs of the foul ? ib. Not becaufe they will bee annihilated, ib. But I The lofs of the foul is in the privations of it, of all good,. z Ir con /fls in its departing from God. i ib. 3 In fubjelling, it to that mifeiy and evil that is contrary to whatgooditiscapable of. ib. 4 In the fuclterlefs and helplefs condition it is brought into, For I Every man and woman, as they came into the world are deprived of that glory and excellency that God did indow the fouls of men with at their fir,/l Creation, 2 All our fouls do naturally wander away from God. 245 3 In its depravity and finfulnefs. ib. 4 Its being in a fuccourlefe, helplefs condition, ib. TL 'herein conf fls the lofs of the foul in Hell ? 246 I In the full rejellíon of the foul from God. ib. I From living the life of God. 347_ 2 From having any union with God. 249 3 From having any fruition of God, ib. 4 From enjoying the pre fence of Chrifl. 250 5 From being ever exercifed in that bleffed workofpraiftng Cod. 251 6 From ever living iii God, as the Saints do. ib. A fecund thing wherein the mifery of the fouls lofs conf ls in Hell, is in its being made very fenfible of the lofs of its chiefefl good. 2 54 Which is 1 To bee eaft render the eternal ererfe of Cost. 255 2 re