Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

201 V 14 ,'`,.4.MAAWAi.A 441A-A 04:4t ttltD titiv vü cwa ee.ta ctlf ctlta stPta ctÌta MeNYMffln9REa M . *.it.ritaleivritritritritvitritwk Yitwiori'T-Iorekric Th . Fir°lt SERMON O The Excellency of the Soul. Have endeavoured to Phew fomewhat unto you about the Excellency of the Name of God , and lik.ewi fe the Excellency of Jefis Chrifl,and what hee is,that fo you might have right apprehenfions of God and Chrifl. Now in the the d place, I fhall defire to fhewyou fomewhat about the Excellency of your own Souls : And to that end attend to Match,' 6.z6. For whet is a man profited if hee fhallgain the whole The Text. world and lofe his ar.n Soul ? or _what Gall a man give in exchange for his Soul ? Our Saviour going himfelf to fuffer , tells his Difciples what they mutt expe& in the following of him., if any Verf..4 man will come after mee, let him deny himfelf, and take up his crofs and follow mee. Theft are the tearms, faith Chritt, up- on which you mull follow mee, you mutt bee willing to de- ny,yourfelves , and to take up your cross, to fuffer hard things if you follow mee. Chrilt would have his Difciples know the worlt at firlt, and not pleafe themfelves in a fools Paradife, thinking that by following of him they should C c get