Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

The Contents. Sheiveth, 7 bree things that may help a natasral man to fee the things of the world to bee as nothing. ib, x If God wound his confcieece,and terrife hint. 2 When God laies his hand upon him in 44 ling ofbins. 3 Bven flrength of Reafon. 343 As r T hough thou flsouldeflgain the world, and yet bee a man like to perifh at lafl, thou haft go °ten bat little. ib. 2 Ilee is never a whit the better for any thing in the world. 346 3 All thefe are things beneath the fowl. 347, 348 4 They are fach things as God bath denied to the chotceft of his fervants. 349 5 They may "land with Gods eternal hatred of his crea- ture. 3 5 6 They have no real good in them. ib. 7 There is nothing that can fatisfie the heart. 3 5 2 8 what ever a wicked man bath of the world, bee path it without God, ib. g All thefe things turn upon a wheel of uncertainty. 353, 354 life It fhews res not to envy at the pro fJerity of the wicked. 357 2 Let all thof e that (eekthe world in thofe waits wherein they are like to lofe their foals thinkupon this truth. 3 6o The Souls Excellency. The Worlds Vanity. 3 It /hews the way to an Ewer all Temptations. 3 65 By thin comparing the World with the Soul. 365 4 And laflly, Incoaragement to chofe that will rather venture , all in the wales of God, than to hazard their Soots, The