Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Nature of God. 3 with praifing God onely for his works, but rifes higher to Arai fe him , and e fieciaily to praife him for himfeif fir thait that it fees to himfelf. I fay, a gracious ,heart cloth not Rick in the Works of God; nor rs it onely inlarged rapraife God for what it fees in Gods works, but it will rife higher than all the works of God, andprarfe him efpeci ally for that it fees in himfeif; Thy felf O Lord is excellent the glory that is an rhy feif, it is above the earth , and above the heaven. While wee praife God for what wee fee in his works, our thoughts and hearts are limited ; for Gods manifef 'tations of himfeif are finite, and fo there is not that fpacioufnefs that a gracious heart delires to let our its feif in : but when it can rife up tar God himfeif , and look at the infinite excellency that there is in himfeif above all that loth appear in his works, then the heart inlarged with grace can expatiate it feif to the otter- moll, and that is that which dash delight him, then is a gra- cious heart indeed in its, own element , when it is expatia- ting it felf even in God him -feif. And further God in fettinb himfeif before the foul in way of Covenant, hee doth not onely tell thofe that hee jcr.3 7.33 hikes, into Covenant, that bee will do fuch and Inch things 32.39. for them , but hee would have them to clofe with himfeif , Za 1 will bee your God. The Lord told Abraham that hee G,zek,7l.2' would bee his exceeding great reward , but that would GCn,75. I. not fatisfie Abraham, what wilt thou give *ee ? having an Vcrf.2 eye to Chria, and the enjoyment of God in him ; fo let God fay that hee wilt do never Inch things for a gracious heart, that is not enough, except God himfeif bee the por- tion of the foul , the foul cannot bee fatisfied with any thing:that God loth; if God fhould fay to one whole heart he bath inlarged with grace , I will give thee all the world to pofefs, thou (halt have all the glory, all the pomp, all the fweetnefs, all the comforts in the world; nay more than that, I will make ten, thoufand worlds more, and give thee them all, and they lhall have all of them more excellency than this prefent worldhath; why all this would not fatisfie B 3 a heart