Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Nature of God. bafe flavith fpirit for a childe to love his father becaufe hee- gives him meat and drink, and cloaths, and will leave him an in'ieritance , and nor rather to love the very perfoi of his Father; fothe heart is but falfe with God that loves God, and that delires after God, more for any thing that God loth, than for what God is ; and as thefe workings of heart, love, and fear , and delìre, are more in refpea of God himfelf, than of his works; fo praifes of God, and de- lighting in God , where it is from true grace , it is more from what the foul fees in God, than from.the manifetta- tion of all the glory of God in.all -his works , for, Praife the Name of the L,rd-, For his Name is excellent, his glory is above the earth and heaven (but wee !hall !et this pal's.) The main Point in the Text which wee are to pitch on is this, That God is a moll excellent being above all things. This is the work that now I have to do, to endeavour to prefent God in the excellency of his being to you, onely you mutt by way of caution know before wee do begin, That, God dwells in that light that is unapproachable i. Tim. 6x6. That-it is but little that wee do, or can know of Gdd. And before wee begin to fet forth the excellency'bf Gods being to - you , you mutt know, that there is infinitely more than either the tongue of Manor Angel can.exprefs; when wee have done all wee can; there is more in God that is beyondwhat wee can fay , or Angels could preach unto you; I fay, more than theglorious light of the Sun is more thana Little glittering of a gloe -worm in the night, more than all the Sea is beyond, and above a- fpoonful,. a drop of water. And further by way of Caution , you mull know this, that iris impof ble to fet before yow the excellency of Gods being, and yet to Beak fo as every thing Jhonld. bee plain to every one.. Many things in the opening of Gods Nature to you ,, mutt needs have force difficulty in them, becaufe the fubjea that wee are fpeaking of , is fohigh above us ; efpecially it muff needs bee difficult to untclean fpicits , to fpirizs that have. B 3, ad i