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on ths Nature of Cod. .- alwayes been groveling below in the dirt, to droufie fpirits that think nothing to bee excellent , but only to eat and drink, and fatistïe their fleib ; when they hear the excel-. lency of Gods Being let out unto them, it mull needs bee an argument above their reach ; it cannot bee expe;Iecd that it is potfible to fpeak fo as their hearts ihowld clofe with what is faid,to apprehend it. But howfoever wee do not know what God may do in going along with his word, how hee may come by his Spirit even to thofe that are of the we akefd capacity ; therefore I (hall endeavour to do that that is my work,that is, to Phew you fomewhat of God, what an excellent being hee is, and fo leave the work of the Spirit of God to himfelf, to make known thofe things that (ball bee propounded , and to fettle them upon your hearts. Wherefore then God is are excellent being above all things. Firia, Pee es, and there is none elfe be des him. The truth is, wee can fcarce fay that any thing is but God Exod. 3.14. When God came toMafes to fend him to Pharaoh, and Mofeswould know the Name of God,hee laid him fay, I am that I am; I.am path fent mee; and God only defcribes him- felf thus unto Mofes, I am, I am a being; and fo the name Jehovah is a name proper to God , that fignifies Gods be-. ing: Nov might Mofes fay , Lord,is this a name that will dif inguith thee from any thing elfe , to fay,/ am ? cannot any man fay fo, Iam? but yet God gives this name of his, as his proper name meerly , I am a being , and I am that being that I am ; and that is alt the name God would tell Mofes , when Mofes did delire to know fo much of him, in7Sy y and how hee might exprefs him that did fend him, I am that lam i Vt bareditare For indeed Gods being it is that that is proper, and all fteiam id quod  other creatures in companion of this God, have but a fha- conicsmdence dow of being therefore in Prov.8. sm. faith Wifdome comes rrv. there (that is Gódlinefs)Icaufe to inherit fubffamce,the wards art tr-anílated by theLearnecl,dlsat which is Grace carries'ro ej/'eutia,fub- God, and fo by Grace tieing ex=iled to God, wee comae 10 fiantia. in