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On the Nature of God. inherit that which is , as if all the while wee inherited any thing in the world, wee did not inherit that which is. God himfelf properly is ; So in 1 fa. q.5 .516. I am Jehovah, and there is none elfe betides mee.There is nothing that bath a be- ing betides mee (that is) not fuch a being,as we iha.l further open , yea and in comparifon no being ; therefore in lfa.4o. i 5,17. Wee have a nand excellent expretfion of the ex- cellency of Gods being in comparifon of all other things, All the Nations of the world they are as the drop of the bucket, and as the fmall daft of the ballance in comparifon of God, Tea they are all nothing, left than nothing? What an expref- fion°is.here ; take all the Nations of theavorld , pur them all together , they are all but as the drop of the bucker, that you (ball fee hang a little at the bottom.: , but as a little dull of the ballance; how foon may you take your finger , and wipe off the drop of the bucket? why fo even all Nations of the world may as foon perith in refpeol of God; yea as if the Holy Gho(l had faid too much when hee compared the Nations of the world. to Goad (as if hee fhould fay) what, did I fay they were as the drop of the bucket, and as the fmall dull in the ballance? nay, they are nothing at all ; nay,and I mull go lower, they are lefs than nothing. And thus you fee the Name of God is alone ex- cellent , becaufe indeed bee is fch a being,as in compari- , fern of him there isliothing that is worthy of the name of a being. That 4o. of the Prophecie of Ifaiah , when you come home, it will bee -a good Chapter to read in your Families, to fet out the greatnefs of God , for that is the work wee ate about to (hew, you what a God you have to deal withal! in all your wayes , the. Nance of . God: is ex. cellent Read that Chapter , and' you will finde Gods Name fet out as excellent indeed there. But that is the: firth In the fecond- place , God, bee i.ì.ß »prefent being, I am ., faith bee, that is, God hies hinafelf, that infinite being +of himfelf altogether, - thhre:is no fuccellion at all in the being of Clad, as t is inter matures , th creature an<