Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Nature of God. í 9 in all places but God is every moment in every place. Third! y,God is not in every ¡lace to fill heaven and earth,that Dew eft nutlibi is, one part in one place , and another in another , as a inclufve, fed u.. great thing that fills fuch a room , one part is in one pl ace, bique feasnd, and another is in another; but God fills heaven and exfttxtiam. earth, that is,all of God is every where, all that God is, is in every place : Yea further, God is as much beyond every Centrum ail- place, as hee is in every place ; hee is as much beyond the ; tttiarnill bi circumference of the heavens , and the earth, as hee is in them ; yea if God lhould make ten thoufand worlds more , hee would fill all thofe as well as hee doth this, without any motion at all , hee would not move from one place to another to fill up ten thoufand worlds (if there were fo many new ones made) but in the fame in Rant in which they were all made,that immenfe being of his would fill up all. Surely God is a molt excellent Being then above all other things whatfoever. Fourthly (for I intend but meerly to prefent the chief things of the excellency of God before you , and not to 'land handling of thefe at large, for every one of them might require a large tract }ate , but now onely to prefent before you what a God it is that you have to deal with) God is a Being that is All fasi cient in ha mfel f ; Hee l }ands in no need of any creature ; in AEls 17. aj, verfe. Hee hath need of nothing, of none of us , bee bath enough within himfelf;before the world was,God was as bleíl'ed in himfelf as now hee is ; there can bee nothing added to him, there is fuch an excellency even inGods being its felf,that there can be nothing added to him; wee are poor creatures,that fland in need of a thoufand things continually, the air to breathe in,the earth to bear us, fire to warm us, cloaths to cover us, meat and drink, a thoufand things; wee fland in need of the meaneft creature, and if God should take away the ufe of force mean contemptible creature, our lives would bee mademiferable to us ; but that is the excellency of Gods being that hee bath need of nothing, hee bath all within himlelf, all the creatures in heaven and earth , cannot C acide