Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

10 on the Nature of God. adde tohim ; no if there were ten thoufand worlds more, although God did poffefs them all, yet they would not adde one whit unto what is in God himfeif; therefore though the God hath an, Lord bath made the heaven and earth, and all things there - attrab and in, yet wee mull not think that God is ever a whit the bet- glattributed ter for there things, or hath the more glory; bee had-as. glory,his attri- buted. glory is much glory and bleffednefs in himfelf, as now hee bath, or augmented or can have when all the Angels and Saints thall bee eter- dimini(hed by natty blefCing God in heaven , yet. they can adde nothing . mans obedience to Gods glor Wee fa the Sun is a glorious creature,. 'or difobedi- y therefore but doth that adde any light to the. Sun ? fo for Saints and finnersare Angels to be praifing and blefling God, what doth that Paid to rob adde to Gcd ? And in this the Name of God is excellent. God oÉ his glo 5 But further, in the fifth place, His Name alone is ex ry,and Saints to give him etory; cellent an this thing , that his excellency is univerf al,. that is, but his efl;ntial all excellencies that are in all creatures in heaven and glory cannot earth, they are all in him virtually, and eminently , hee . bee increafcd or dimiai(hed. bath them all in his own being, Pl f a94 , Shall not hee that made the ear hear , bee that formed the eye fhall not hee fee? the argument there will confirm this to us, that what- foever is in the creature that bath any excellency in it, that excellency is in God in an eminent way ; the creature, one bath, one drop of excellency, and another bath another drop of excellency in it , and fo a third a third, every creature hath its particular excellency in it , but God . is an univerfal good, all excellencies in all creatures are in Gcd, all beauty , all comfort, all goodnefs , whatfoever bath any lovelinefs or defireablenefs in it , I fay it is all in,God , and I know not any one confideration that will help us more to underaand God while 'wee are here in the fleth than this, for in regard Of our weaknefs , wee can know little or nothing of God,but by looking into the creaL Dure, and fo rifing from them. Now then when wee come to look upon the creatures,., and wee fee an excellency in one creature, and another in another , Now if wee can conceive as it were the qu.irr- teffence of all_ thefe excellencies drawn oat , and eon ceive_