Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

©n the Nature of God. ever; whenfoever thou thinkeft of God, or fpeakeft of God, do not onely compare him with that which is in the Crea- ture, but when thou haft made thy comparifon, let thy thoughts bee infinitely above it; there is no one attribute of God doth help us more to underftand what God is, than when wee conceive him to be infinite in all that hee is or bath. 8 Yea and further, All the good that there' is in God, and excellency, it is eternally in him ; it may bee fuch a Creature bath an excellency, but how long bath it had it ? it was not long before but it was nothing: but God hath been what hee hath been (if wee may fpeak fo) bee bath been eternally; now that is a mighty fwallowing confidera- tion; the confederation of eternity; as a man that is an Ac- countant, if hee writes: a figure of one, add but fax ciphers twit, and it is ten hundred thoufand, now if hee fhoutd be adding and adding all his life time; yea if hee fhould have lived from the beginning of the world to have added to the figure of one , what an infinite fumme would this bee ! but it is nothing to eternity; either if you Look back to eternity it is nothing, or if you look forward to eternity, it is no- thing; (the Saints indeed fhall live eternally in refpea of that which is to come, the fouls and bodies of the Saints (hall bee eternally for time to come with God, and the fouls and bodies of the ungodly (hall bee eternally in Hell) Now all the excellency that there is in God, is eternally in God, which way foever you look. 9 Further, Not encl.', eternally, kw immutably In hi m; and therefore his name is alone excellent, it is immutable, that is, God hath fuch an infinite excellency, that it is impof- fable that hee can bee better, or other than bee. is; if God fhould bee otherwife than bee is, hee would inftantly ceafe to bee a God; the beeing of God bath that excellency in it,., that there can bee no addition, no fubftration, add any thing to him, and you deftroy him, take any thing from, him, and you deftroy his beefing, alter any thing in him, and hee ceafes tobee God; fo the. Scripture. faith, with him thfrc