Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Mature of God. one as much as the other, but they are all but one thing, onely feveral manifeirations, as but one Sun that hath di- vers refledtiens by divers giaffes; fo all Gods attributes are but one excelfency that is in him; therefore his Naine is ex- cellent above all things) becaufe bee is but one God in this, manner. 7 Further, Not onely all good.and excellency is in God, 'iv all pofblegood, )that can poffibly bee imagined (as we know tharthe power of God that: made the world, could make thoufands of worlds) all this is in him, and infinitely in him. When wee do freak of any thing to bee in God, wee mini be fure that we do not limit our thoughts, as when we fpeak of God to bee a great God, do not limit ir, bee is great , but infinitely fo; when wee fpeak of his , wifdome, hee is wife, but infinitely wife,. and fo of his holinefs, and juflice, and truth, and knowledge; all mutt bee lookt upon with- out any bounds whatfoever; in the Creature there are fuch and fuch things, but they are all limited by their caufes, but God having no caufes at all to limit him, therefore hee is infinite, whatfoever is in him it is infinitely in him, whatfo- `ever is in him, is not onely infinite in the kinde, as there is all thewifdome and holinefs that can bee; but I fay, it is abfolutely infinite; as it is in him , it is fo infinite, that there is no kinde of being but is included within it; fpeak but any one thing of God, I fay, it is not onely infinite in the kinde, but fo as it includes whatfoever bath teeing, in the infinite Ocean of beeing that is in himfelf; wee are very ready when wee look upon God to have limited thoughts, and therein wee bring bin down to the Creature; this is the very reafon why God. cloth hate Images fo much as hee Both, becaufe that Images do make a kinde of a re- prefentation of him, as though hee were finite; as Papif{s, they tell us they think not that fuch an Image is God, I, but being put in mind of God by fuch an Image, there is a kinde of limiting the infinitenefs that is inGod; and therefore God hates it, and will not have that infinite ex- cellency of his tobee repr fesated by any Image whatfoe ever;