Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

on the Natiyre e God.. to communicate its felf, God can let out himfelf to any creature as much as bee pleafes , and it is no matter whe- ther the creature bee capable or no , the Lord can make iz capable;attd therefore bee not difeouraged becaufe of thy gveaknefs but if thou in the uprightnefs of thy heart doeï+. feek to God, and doefl defire to know him. above all things,. If then fearchef after tbeknewfedge of God a.c after flyer, thou (halt come; to know God more than ever thou diddefl;, and certainly to have hut a few glimpfes of this infinite ftrl} being of alLthings, it is a kinde of infinite fatisfa&ion unto the fouls of the fervents of God , and though at firWW they finde it hard to know God, yet by feekii g long after the knowledge of him, they have found that knowledge of God that they would not bee without for ten thoufand' thoufand worlds ; its only the rational creature that is able to know any thing of God at all , and this is a great part of that worfhip and homage you owe to God , that you thould know himn, and fo, that you might honour him as a God , that you might glorifie hint as a God oh íny, brethren, how would people live, had they but the real fight of fuch a God with whom they have to deal in all their wayes ? when wee put you upon the. fearching, to know what God is, wee put you not upon the . fearching to get notions, to difcourfe of : I confefs in the rght knowledge of the infinite firti being of all things,. there are moil excellent notions to bee learned but that that I endeavour to put you onto, is this that you might fearch to know this God to the end that you might fear- him, titld choofe him to bee your portion , that you: might love him and ferve him , and bleífed is that foul that fl,all` thus 1 ;ow Lipp,.