Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

A6AAä4.AWAWAAM#AAfWA.14W .tv-, t*. writeíro; O MM : Tvvvihtcriorritritv-vvrriEwrovioviwirriPawmt, The Second SERMO V ON The ACtyure of god. TI PSAL. I48. t3. For his Name 41one is excetext. H E next thing is this, All excellencies are in God purely, and immixtly,that is, God hath all excellencies in him, and nothing elfe but excellency ; the creature it may have fome excellency, but it bath a mix- ture of imperfections ; it may have force power , but there is a mixture of weaknefs ; it may have force goodnefs but there is a mixture of force kinde of evil in creatures as they are in themfelves; the very Angels themfelves, though they are upheld by God, yet they have that in them that might make them fin again(} God, if God did but leave them to themfelves : So there is a mixture of weaknefs in all creatures, 6ut God alone is excellent, for bee hath nothing elfe in him but that which is excellent, i 3oh. 1.5. The Lor d it light, and in him there is ne dark efs ; this cannot bee laid of any creature,that the creature bath ex- D z cel-