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s g on the Nature of God. -God higher in majéffy-and glory, than all creatures in the world are.Suppofe you were to come to a King that had all the glory and honour put upon him that ever any creature had in this world, with what fear and trembling would we come before fuck. a Májefty as this i;? but if thou haft not come with further trembling and fear before God e, when thou cameft into his pretence, if thou haft not come with higher thoughts of that God that thou haft to deal withall (I fay ) thou hall nor glorified God as a God; no marvel though people are fo flight and vain in the duties of Gods worfhip, becaufe they do not know what a God bee is that,,theyhave to do with all. Ufe a. This il-ieweth you the dreadful evil there is in fin, why ? becaufe it is againft fucha God as this God is ; dolt thou knowwhom it is that thou finneft againft ? Oh thou firmer ! doff thou know whom it is thou Urikeil at ? it is this infinite God that is thus prefented to you, Whofe Name alone is ex- cellent, and wrhofe glory, is above the Earth and Heavens. Know.iinüer, and the Lord finite this upon thy heart, thou that art a wicked and ungodly man all the daies of thy life, thou haft done nothing elfe but fought againft this God, this infinite and glorious God. , thou haft` been an enemy to all the daies of thy life, and every time thou "re- neweft thy fins , :thou doll do nothing elfe but ftrike at this infiniteGod, and provokeft the wrath- 'of'this infinite deity .againft thy foul and body; and dareft thou Rand out, againft this God'? wilt thou put it to the trial, to fee whe- ther that God that thou finneft againft bee fuck a God as this is ? wilt thou put it to(the ttial, that God ( hould fet thee apart to make thee -an objeR upon whom to exer- cife all that infinite power that there is in God, to bring evil, and:mifety,- and torments upon thee for thy fin ? this is the cafe of all defperate finners that do go on in a defperate, way of fin;. the, language of their fin is this, I do hear much fpoken concerning the greatñefs, and ex- cellency, and glory of God Ile try and venture, Ile puc it-to the expexument, whether, God bee fueh a God or no, as