Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

on the Nature of God. wee fee, wee may gather, that there is infinitely more in God, and God is infinitely higher than ever wee thought of (I fay) then upon the very hearing of fuch things as thefe are, and efpecially wee being confcious to our (elves how little wee are able to underfiand of them, wee may fee caufe to bee afhamed of the poor and low thoughts that wee have had of this infinite Ma-efly; the unworthy thoughts that wee have had of him, when wee have come into the prefence of God ; you have come to prayer to God, have you come to prayer as unto fuch a God ? have you had fuch kind of thoughts as thefe are, that hee is that high Majefty ? Certainly you cannot fan&ifie Gods Name but you mutt have high thoughts of God ; and though I will not fay, that thofe do not fanaifie Gods Name, that have not every one of thefe thoughts of God, yet thus much I will fay, that thofe that have not apprehended eve- ry one of thefe things of God, have not fan. ified Gods Name as much as they fhould, for wee are to apprehend what it is pofï'ible for us to apprehend here in this world , or otherwife wee do not fanaifie Gods Name fo as wee ought; when wee come to God in prayer, or to worship him in any other duty of his worfhip, if wee do not appre- hend of God as much as wee potübly can in this world , wee do not fanaifie Gods Name as much as wee ought to do, and wee are to bee afhamed that wee have not fuch apprehenfions of God as wee might poffibly have; if God bee fuch a God as this, what poor thoughts of God are thefe , that hee is as an old man in Heaven ? Come have fuch poor apprehenfions of God, and when they hear the Scripture fpeak of Gods eyes, and ears, and hands, they think that God hath a body, when as the Scripture doth but fpeak to our capacities, that is;what a man can do with his eyes, or hands, or ears, that God is able to do by his infinite power. I appal to you, `have you apprehenfions of the moiety and glory of God , beyond all majefty and glory that any Creature is capable of in this world? wee do nor fandtifie Gods Name, except, I fay , wee apprehend E s God