Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

31 -áA9áAAAAAAAbbAAAAAA.bA r 41a The Third S E R M O N oN The Náture óf god.. PSAL.1q.8.13. Far hir Name alone is excelienY. Ut a fecond Ufe is this that wee are now to proceed in, Oh how vile is fin then that is committed againfl fuch a God as this is? there is nothing in the world can Phew a foul the evil of fin , but the fight of God. If wee should tell you never fo much of the terrours of the Law , and of hell fire , though you might fee the de- fert of fin fomewhat, yet until you come to fee with what a God you'have to del , you can never know what the evil of fin means. 4gatnft thee , thee enely have I finned ,P21.5.1.41 faith. David, that was the thing that flrook Davids fpirit, David knew that it was againLL God that hee finned; when God íhall come to the confciencte of a :flnner, and prefent. himfelf ,before his confcience , and fay, Oh wretched fin- , iris I that you ;hare finned againfl , as Chrifl did in .Áa.9.. unto S *td, Sod, said, why perfecutefttho ss mee ? Snkft.94 when.