Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

32 On the Nature of God. when God ll;all fay,Sinner, firmer, why doff thou rebel a- gairEl mee ? If Cod would but give us one fight of him - felf, that wee might - behold him as bee is upon his Throne, in this excellency of his Name above all things , it were impollible but the heart of a fumer should even break. at fuch a fight. Certainly olle day every, (inner thall have a fight of God : Happy it is nó,N for is to have fuch a fight of God here in this world, that may caufe us to fee the evil of our fins, for otherwife the fight of God hereafter , will certainly fink our fouls nub the bottomlefs gulf of hor- rour and defpair. When Daniel was about to confefs his fin in Dan. 9. Mark how hee begins becaufe bee would get his heart to bee` affe6ted with his fin , and the fins of the people-that there hee confeft : Mark how bee Dan 9.4, begins his pray,' rand I preyed (faith hee in the 4. verfe) unto the Lord my God, and made my confeJon, and laid, O Lord, the greät áñd tíeadfut God thus hee begins, I made confetlion (faith hee) I prayed and made confe!Tion of fin, and faid , Ch Lord, the great and dreadful God : firft bee looks upon God how great and dreadfùl hee was, and this it was that caufed him to confefs his fin with humiliation : you that fay-your _prayers , and will confefs that you aré limiers , did you but at ,the beginning of your prayers, When you go to confefs your fin call up one eye to hea= ven, andbehold this God upon his Throne, and fee him to bee the great and dreadful God , it would caufe you to confefs fin after another manner than ever yet you have done It is a good thing therefore in our prayers , when wee are about to confefs fin , firft to fet before our fouls the greatnefs and the dreadfulnefs of that God that wee have finned againft. When this Prophet Daniel would humble that proud Beljhazzer, in Dan.5.23. Mark what hee faith , And the God in ivhafe hand thy breath is , and whofe are thy wages, has ties not glorified This fpeech fet home upon a mans confcience ", were enough to break the proudefl andllouteft heart in-the world. If fo bee that the eyes of the proudefl Route(} finner were opened to fee