Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Nature of God. point of marvellous confequence , thé fenfe of the diftance between God and us <Ift God bee infinitely : above- the creature , then 'God expe&s thatfwe -e that profefs any knowledge of hint that wee Mould evermore have our thoughts Upon Gods excellency raifed in a kinde of . in= finitenefs above what wee think of the excellency of any creatììte ; and our hearts then fhould work after God in a kinde of infinitenefs more than-ever they did`work' after aüy creature , as there is ati infinite difproportion between the excellency of God:, and the excellency that there is in any creature. I befeech you. obferve what I am fpeaking, for it is of marvellous ufe to help us to fan &-lifie God in all our waxes as there is .an infinite dif}ance between the ex- cellency of 'God , and of all creatures , fo there ought to bee in a kinde, an infinite diflance between what our hearts are in the working after God , and the working after the creature , otherwife'wee lift not up -Gods Name in his ex- cellency and glory. And indeed a gracious heart will make it fo; and in this j. conceive the very work of grace confxffs, in that it is fucha principle in the foul of a man or woman that is converted, that rhoughfuch a one bee a finite crea- ture, yet it hath a kinde of infinitenefs in the working of it after God. You will fay, Infinite, how can that bee? True, I confefs properly it cannot bee infinite, but thus it is in- finite in its kinde, that is, fuch a creature bath fuch a prin- ciple as it would fain ,. if it were poílible , work infinitely. aftet God :. Arid rutther,riThis principle; of` grace. dòth caufe this in' the hert ,that it will. never:, limit. its' felt in :any: work ing after God,aiid thereforehath a:ltinde of Infinitenefl'e.;' and here is- the difference between one- diat'liath true grace, and the moil glorious hypocrite in the world; An hypocrite heé;;dvill - .ever',bee bounding his working: after God , and think thus much is enoúgh,:what need any more ? If ; I do thtts;and thus;, WhyI rnáy_do well and go to heaven at Ilk and fo ddth bound himfelf : But now where there is the:,lea& ::dram, of j true ¡facet,. though thère bed many weak-