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life 6. Oat the Nature of God. bee pure, and cleanfed from filthineffe , you have the pro - mife,in Matth.5.8. Bleffed are the pure in heart, for they fhall fee God. It may bee you that are poorpeople,you can ne- ver come to get learning to have the knowledge of Arts and Sciences, and fuch things ; I but if you have clean hearts you are bleffed in this,God faith you shall fee him : Labour to Rudy God, and labour to know Cod more; Pfa1.91.14. Mark how acceptable it is to God for his creature to labour to know him, I will fet him on high becaufe hee hath known my Name.Thy Name,O Lord,alowe excellent,and thy glory above the heavens and earth.And I will for h,m on high, becaufe he knows my Name. Oh, faith God, yonder is a poor creature that above all things in the world defires to know mee : hee hath had a little glimpfe of y glory, and oh how earnef is his heart to know mee ! I will reveal more of my felf to him , and then I wil fet him on high , be- caufe hee knows my Name,the Lord ha, h a high account of thofe that know his Name : As for thofe ignorant crea- tures , let them bee what they will in regard of outward thin gs , yet if they bee ignorant of God, they are vile and low,and bafe in Gods efeem ; but take a foul that knows Gods Name , the Lord will fer him on high ; fuch a one is high in the very thoughts of God, and the Lord dorh take pleafure to make fuch a foul to bee high : Paul in Phil.3.8. did account all things dung and draft (for what ?) for the ex- cellency of the knowledge of 3efue (brig : For indeed in the knowledge of Chrif God is known ; and if you would Rudy the knowledge of God, it mutt bee in Chriu, you can never know God but in Chrill, .Matth.i 1.27. faith Chril there , No man knows the Father but the Son , and him to whom theSon fhall reveal him. It mull bee Chrif that mutt reveal the glory of God to our fouls or elfe wee can never come to know him favingly. Sixthly,If God bee thus excellent above all,and his glory thus above the earth and heavens,hence we are taught to labour to keep the fenfe of the infinite diffance that there is between God and lais creatures alwayet its oar hearts a And this is a poia