Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

on the Nature ®f God. godlinefs more than others, know, that you have the Name of God upon you , and this Name of God is is excellent and glorious, let it not fuller by you : Oh woe to you that ever you ere born, if you fhould bee in'truments of pol- luting the Name of God. Mee thinks any one that maker profethon of Gods Name , fhould think with himfelf, it were better that I were dead and rotten under the clods, than that ever I should live to pollute this bleffed Name of God that is fo excellent : What ? was I born that I might live to have my hand in fo great a mifchief as that this glorious Name of God fhould bee darkned by mee ? Oh,the Lord forbid : Know what the Name of God is that you profefs, and meditate how excellent it is , and let this bee a ßrong argument to keep you from fin : When any temptation comes, oh fet this againft it, Shall I pollute this Name of God that is fo infinitely excellent ? No man or woman can dye with peace , and have peace upon their tick -beds, except they can bee able to look back into their lives, and to fay, Lord, though there hath been much weak - nefs in mee , and in many things I have dishonoured thee, yet it bath been my care in my generation, and in the place that thou haft fet mee -, to lift up thy Name, and I have done fome thing through thy grace' to lift up thy Name. Oh that I could leave this point upon } our hearts , that every one of you might go home and make but this one Ufe of it ; I have heard That the }Vane of God is excellent alone, and his glory is above all : This likewife I have heard to bee my duty , that this was the great work that I was born for , that I fhould do force thing to make Gods Name great before all thofe with whom I do converte;. think every one of this , how Iong haft thou lived ? Many of you will bee ready to fay, I have lived thus long in fuch a place, and it may be that you can fay that you have done no man wrong, but good'; But what cant} thou fay to this. Queftion ? .I appeal to thy confcience , Hath the Name of God been made great by thee ? Haft thou done any thing to lift up this glorious Name of Cod in the place wherein God