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On the Nature of God, 45 Alone , And hee fhall fund and feed in the ftrength of the Lord, in the fajefy of the Name of .the Lord his God : It is a Prophecie there of Chrift , and as it is true of Chrii} fó. of all the members of Chrift, they may anal when the World falls, whatfoever_becomes of the world, whatfoever troubles are about them, they are to thud, and rejoyce thernfelves in the Name of the Lord, in the ftrength of the Lord, and in the Majefly of the Lord their God : the knowledge of this reference that the Saints have.to God, it is that that fhould put courage and boldnefs in_o their hearts before all the world, Rev.22.4. And they (hall fee his face, and his Nam; (kill bee in their fore- heads. They 1 }ial( fee the face of God (cod what then) then the Naine of God (hall bee in their fore -heads , they (hall have a bold - nefs and courage in the caule of God; whatfoever becomes of the world, yet wee have happinefs enough in God : Oli rejoyce , rejoyce in this (I fay) yox that are the people of God , for there is none excellent fo as you are excellent , and if fo be that God now i,nvePts you with this excellency. Two or three more ufes mig : bee to finish the Point. What cats fe then haft thon to fear this God , and to [er ve this God in all thy wayes, and to wor/hip him as a God who /e Name is alone excellent ? Wi=ia.would not fear-thee ? there is none like unto thee, 3er.io.7 . Who wauld not fear thee, Oh King of Nations,&c. Lec this God be;. feared by us , let us la- bour to hold forth the excellency of this our God in our, lives and converfations, in our whole courfe Oh that it might bee. written upon our lives, The Name of God is alone excellent ; all you that profefs to have any intere(} izt this God, You lhould walk fo in your converfarions, that it may bee Written upon your lives, The Name of God is alone excellent and his glory is above the earth and heavens. Oh take heed that this blettfed Name of God , that is atone excellent, bee not dilhanoúred and polluted by you that wee might have been large in, if. wee had had time. James . calls it, about Tam. 2. 7. That worthy Name of the Lord : you that profefs your leaves to bee Chri&ians , and profefs G 3 go.i-