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Gen.49 to, Dan. on the Excellency of ç rift. even unto this Prophefie. And freqt&ently wee finde Scripture in times of the greatell diffse:s of the Church there were the cleareit Prophefies of Chrift , of the Maas to come. Tacoft prophefies of Shiloh when hee was in Egypt; and Daniel of the Meffias when bee was in Captivity, in Babylon; and Ifaiab here, To us a < tilde ben , unto us Son Is given whofe Nano ts Wonderful CoAnfellor, the mighty God, when the people were in great diftrefs. And there are four rea-ons why the Lord would have the Prophefie of the Metliasl at thofe times efpecially, when the Church was in a fad, in a fuffering condition. Firft, Becaufe that the onely comfort of all the Saints of God then, was their expeaatioo of the Meilias to corne , God would therefore propound Chrift unto them as that that might-lighten all their darknefs , that might fweeten all their forrows , and troubles ; and indeed there was enough in this,in their expeaation of the Saviour that was to come , this was that that Made their hearts rejoyce in the middeft of all their forrows ; Abraham far:, his day and re- joyced, and was glad. Secondly Therefore had they the clear manifeflation of Chrifl in le time of their outward troubles, to confirm their faith in this, that how-ever their enemies prevailed much againft them, yet it was impoilible that they fhould root out the Nation of the leras, for the great Saviour of the world was to come out of them, therefore they were under Gods proteaion, and though they might fuffer fome- What , yet they could not ceafe from being a Nation , caufe that the lvlenias was to come out from them, and this was a great iricouragement unto them to expea mercy from God, becaufe they were a people that the Lord would bring the great Saviour of the world out of. And then thirdly, That by the propounding of fo great a mercy as Jefus fhould bee to the world , they might hereby have a help to their faith, that furely God would not deny them letTer mercies : what great matter was it for them to expect front God deliverance (tom time out- ward