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on the Excellency of ° h,i f7. 5,z ward affliction, when as God makes knóom -unto them, that love, and that infinite companion, thole tender bowels of i;is, even to fend his own Son into the world for them? And then fourthly, It was to teach them, that. the way of deliverance from any outward atlii Lion *,was,to exercife their faith upon Chrifl the Me :11.a that was to come the Lordwould teach his Church when it was in affietions, not fo much to bee looking at the pre ens afhieiion that was upon them, and fo to feek for Outward help, and means of deliverance, but would 'have them exercife their faith upon the Medïa that was to come , though many hundred years after; and this exercife of faith was fo pleafing to God, as it was the onely means, or the chief means of deliverance from all outward affiie-tions:Nay,faith God,if lobe that they will relye upon mee,and exercife their faith upon that great promife of mine, to fend my Son into the world , as for their deliverance out of thefe outward troubles and afil-i- &ions , it íhall bee but a little matter for mee to do that for them ; ordinarily when wee are exercifed with outward atllielions, wee onely think of Tome natural helps and comforts,contrary to thofe particular affli;}ions thatare up- on us , whereas the way indeed for us to fan3 ifie Gods Name , to do that that is acceptable to God when any out- ward aflliaion befalls us, it is prefently to e ercife our faith upon the great promife of God in Jefus Chri(I , upon the great Covenant of Grace, that God hath made with us in him , upon that great mercy of God in fending his Son into the world ; my condition is very fad , and I am grievoufly afflieled, I but furely that mercy that would fend jefus Chrift into the world , that mercy is enough to de- liver mee out of-any afflie }ion , or at leaf+ to ble 5 it to mee; therefore do not onely cry to God when you are lick , or in trouble to deliver you from it, but labour to exercife faith upon the Covenant of Grace in Chrift , u o a thar.glorious mercy of God in his Son that is the wivthat (' odwo!ld . have us to fanetifie his Name in. And that is the reckon I-1 z why