Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

Ox the Excellency of Chri ft. 67 when in bath an eye to fee , but fetch an objet} as the very fecting of it before the foul , bath -a quicking power to work life in the tout , to cauie an eye to fee him , and to caufe the heart to make after him, though it was never fo dead before : And it should bee the work of Minif}ers to fet Jefus Chrifl before the hearts of people, before their eyes continually , and though it may bee there comes nothing of it this time I but try it again , and though noshing comes.,of it the other time , but they paffe all lightly by, an little regard the glory of God, that ap- pears in Jefus hrifl, yet bee is to bee ter before them again and again ; who knows when the quickning power and life may come from Chrifl ? Now this is the fcope of the letting Chrif} thus before you ; This day I have en- deavoured to fet himbut a little before youin the opening this Title of his. Let this bee the life of it , Oh when you go hoiñe, go and meditate of what bath been Paid , and labour when you are before God , which is the time for the exercifing of your faith upon Chrifl, Labour to fet Jefus Chrif} before your eyes, and look upon him as the great Won- der of the World , and never leave meditating until you finde your heart come to this, to admire at the. Glory of God in Jefus Chrif}; If ever your hearts were taken with admiration at any thing in the World, Oh let them bee taken up with the admiration of Jefus Chrif}; this may con- fidently bee concluded upon, that that Soul that never found its felf taken with admiring of the Glory of 'Cod in Chrif}, did never know what Chritl meant ; for Chrill is fuch a kinde of Saviour, that if God'do propound Chrif} to the Soul in any meafure , it is impoflìble, but that the heart mull bee taken with him. There is a Saviour fent into the World, hee that is the Obje f of my faith, and by him my Soul (},ail bee fared. Now ther fira work of the he art, is for to think this is too'good to bee t_ue , do not the -efore think that you muff `bee onety fared by Jefus Chrifl , but know what manner of Saviour it i5 ; its hee whofe Name is W on- eierfsrt, K a The