Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

66 ou sloe 1Exçe.Ilency of cbrif . any breach made , here is the great work that Chrift came into the world about , Chrift beholding, that through mans fn , all thingswere even brought to a confufion, Mans fin had plundered all the world (as it were) plundered the Works of God, andbad brought; all to darknefs,and mifery, and confufi_ on , now Chrift comes into the world to make all peafe& again , and to raife up to God a Name of praife and glory, higher than ever bee fbould have had if there ne- ver had been any fin.cominitted again!} him ; now was not this a wonderful work that Chrift came into the world about? wee fpeak much of Chrift , and that bee came into the world, but what came bee for ? Oh learn to fanaifie Gods Name in this , to look upon Chrift whole Name is Wander - frsl , in regard not onely of what hee was in himfelf , but of what hee came about, the great and wonderful work that hee carne into the world for, and did accomplifh ; and cer- tainly did wee apprehend Chrift thus, and look upon C hrif} as having fuch a Name as this is, wonderful and know that upon this ground hee is called wnderful , it would teach us to adore him, to honour him, toínagnt_fie him, and to have high thoughts of him, it would bee a mighty means to draw our hearts tobeleeve in him, the very fetting of Chrifi as hee is in himfelf before the foul as the full objea of faith, bath a mighty power to draw faith out ; as the Letting of a temptation before a man bath a power to draw corrupti- ons ; fo the letting of Chrift in his glory and excellency, in what bee is , and what bee came into the world for (I fay) it bath a mighty power to draw forth faith , not onely to draw, forth faith where faith was before, but it bath a power to caufe faith in the foul ; Ghrit. is not onely an objeafor us to work upon when we have a faculty,but fuch an obje& as being let before the foul, hath a quickning power to caufe life; therefore we cannot fay,why fhould Jefus Chrift bee preached to a company of people as are dead in fins, I, Chrift indeed is a glorious obje, But they mall have . fomewhatto work upon Chrift, 'Wee muff not fay fo, for Chrift . is not arsely an objet for the foul to work upon when