Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

oil the excellency of Chrifi. thefe three together, but onely Chrift. Wee read in Scrip- ture of a King and Prief +, fo Melchifedeck.was ; wee read in Scripture of a King, and a Prophet, and fo David was ; wee read in Scripture of a Prophet , and a Priefl, fo Jere- miah was: but of King,Priefl,and Prophet together anointed by God, wee read of none but Jefus Chrift onely. Among the Egyptians they were wont out of their Philofophers, their wife men, to choofe their Priefls , and out of their Priefls to choofe their Kings; and fo whofoever was a King to them , was eminent firft in wifdome , being a Philo- fopher,able to teach, and eminent in his Prieflly office, and then eminent in his power, that bee might bee honoured by all people, as having thofe threefold eminencies that was accOunted the greatefl eminency in the world , for thofe were the three great eminencies, the eminency of wifdome to teach , and of Priefthood, and of Kingly power : Now Jefus Chrift hee was wonderful in all there; now that is the thing that I aim. at to (hew in every particular of there Offices of thrill, how wonderful hee was, and then (though but briefly) I (Ball fer the beauty and excellency of Chrift irihis three Offices before you, and that !hall bee all that I intend to do at this time , and (hall but bee very brief in- them too : For I told you in the opening of the Excel- lency of God, I did not intend to (land to-open every par- ticular Attribute at large, but .onel)! to fet the Excellen.y of God before you briefly, fo of. Chri( }.. The ICinglOß}îcee thrift. Now-for there Offices of Chrift; his Kingly Office firh; thrift is King, and wonderful in this Office of his, for you cannot underhand Chrift.' your Saviour aright, except you underhand him as before in his Natures,in his Perfonal uni on, and fo in his Offices. Firfl,As King,I (hall not need to Phew Scripture.for theee, the Scripture is full. If you read the 45. Pfalm at your leaf= about the middle of it, Th3 T rone, 0 G9d, is for ever and ever, the Scepter of thy Ki #g° K_ 3 ¡brit 69