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7i on the Excellency of CbriJ. dome is 4 right Scepter. And Rea+, 7.i4. Chriji there it faïd to bee Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, NovChrifl is a glorious King, and wonderful in his Kingly power. Firíl , Hee is King over all , over all Kings , over all Powers hee bath the highefl Authority of all ; Take that for the fira thing. In Rev.9 hee is laid to bee King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I remember Iheodotius , and another Emperour,did ufe to call themfelves the Vaffals of Chrift, and fo certainly all the Kings and Princes in the world , they are but the Vaffals of this great King.Now hee is won- derful in his Kingly power that hath all the Kings and Lords, and all Authority in the world under his feet, in- deed they all hold on him, and that will appear from the fecund place. 2 As his power is the highefl, fo it is uniyerfal, univerfal over all the world, the Government of all the world is committed to him , i Cor.i ;.z7.. Al things are put under his feet, God the Father bath given unto him the Govern- ment of all the world , bee is not onely the King of the Saints, though hee bee their King in a fpecial manner, but hee is the King of Nations too , Chrif{ bee is the King of Nations, God -Man (I fay) the government of all the world is given to him , all the Nations of the World are uncle- him to govern and to judge, and to make ufe of for the good of his Church; Hee is not onely the governour of the World univerfally, but a heavenly King, even the Angels themfelves are under him , Thrones, and Principalities,and Dominions , in Eph.1.20. They are a4 drought into one under Cbrill, yea and the Devils themfelves are under him ; Ir is !see that bath the Keyes of Heaven, and the Keyes of Hell, ,Rev. i t 8. Ice that was dead is alive, and hath the Keyes of Hell and Death : And this Kingly Power of Chril mull needs bee wonderful. 3 But further, in the third place , Chri fl is wonderful in this his Kingly Power , for hee makes his Subje66s, his l ubjeL}s do not make him, Cel. r . t 6. By hisn were as things treated that are in Heaven, and that are i,,Earth. There is no