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73 on the Excellency of Chrijt. but bee alone makes Laws. It is trite, the Kings of lintel they made not the people ;oyn with them in all their Laws, becaufè God himfelf let Laws there for the' government of the Commonwealth.. But Jefus Chrifl, I fay,hee is the onely Law-giver unto his Church , and therefore there can bee no new Ordinances, no no new Laws, nor no new Officers in the Church that can bee invented by man : It is true,in the Civil (late, there God leaves to humane prudence, and wee may invent Laws and humane Ordinances, and new Oífi- cers,fo as may bee good for the Church, one Kingdome one kinde of Law , and another, another ; But now when wee come to Ipeak of Chrifts Kingly Power, efpecially as it hash reference to the Church , there , as hee is King of Saints, there are no Ordinances, nor no Laws , nor no officers that can bee newly ere&ed, but it muff bee the fame, and it mutt bee the fame in all Churches in the World , the fame Laws mutt rule all, and the fame Ordinances , and the fame Church officers, there mutt bee no additions of any; Why? laecauie that in Spiritual government, there wee wait upon God for his prefence ; wee wait upon the prefence of Chrifl to work fpiritually upon the foul, and wee expe& à fpiritual efficacy from Jefus Chrift upon our fouls, to draw us nearer to him , and to draw him near to us, that wee do in all Church Ordinances ; and therefore onely Chrifi can ap- point Laws for them. You will fay, (an there bee no Laws, no nothing added in the (hurch for way of decency and order, andfuck kinde of thugs ? To that I anfwer briefly thus, There are force things that do belong to thole fpiritual Ordinances , things that are in the Church that may bee helpful to them in a natural way; as now if congregations meet they muff meet in force place, they mull have civil order in their meeting , there may bee Tome things civil and natural fubfervient unto thole things that are Ipiritual; but that that is properly Bcclefiaflical whereby I vvait upon Jefus Chrifl`to have my heart drawn nearer to him , or to have him dravv nearer to mee therein, there