Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Chrifl. 70 no King that ever was in the World but either God from heaven loth tell people that hee would have fuch a one to bee a King, or hee is made by the people : For what is one mans flefh , more than another mans? (I fay) at firft men they agree together to fer up fuch a man, or family, to have a Kingly Power, fo that the Kingly power of the Family, and of every one that comes of that Family , it is by the people at firft, none muff plead it to bee by conquell, for then whofoever can conquer again , hee muff bee King, if another can conquer bee mull have right too, if that bee the onely right, if that were the onely right that a King had over his people, conquetl, then as hee had his right over the people by conquefl, fo if the people conquer him, then they have right. Certainly the belt right of all the Kings of the earth this day, it -muff bee 13v the rff compaa with that Fa- mily,that is their right. I but our King that wee have to do _ withall , hee makes his Subjeas , they make not him King, but this King makes Al his Subjects; Indeed if Kings could give being to their Subje&s , then their right were another kinde of right than now they have ; but the truth is, Subjecis do give being to their King ; I but our King the Lord Chriff hee is \Vonderful , a Wonderful King in this, becaufe bee doth give being to all his Sub- jeas. 4 And then fourthly, The Subje&s of -ths King are for him , bee is not for them ; whereas it is otherwife '.between man and man ; certainly the Subjeels are not made for the King, but the King is made for his Subje&s ; a Kingdome is not made for. a King but a King for the Kingdome : But it is otherwife here , Chri4f was not made for us , but wee were made for , all the Subjeas of Chrifa were made for the honour of Jefus Chtiff, and Chrift I fay, was not let up King for them. q And then fifthly This King jells Chrilt', is King in another manner than anyother Kings upon the earth, fo: it is hee alone that makes Laws, other Kings have not power themfelves to make Laws , but together with their people, bast