Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

o the Excellency of Chrifi. ?S fub ie the vvills of men, and bring their hearts to obedience to him ; all the povver there is in the World cannot doe this : vvhy the Kings of the earth, if they vvere put all together,they could nor fubdue the heart of any one poor man in the world, the will of the poorefa Creature in the world cannot be fub- dued by all the powers of all the Potentates and Emperours upon the face of the earth ; they may beat his body, or sor- ter his body, or kill his body, but to fubdue his heart, to make his foul to bee fubjeei and obedient to them, that I fay, all the powers of all the Potentates in the world, nay all the Angels in heaven cannot doe it, the will of a man or woman is fuch, that all the Angels in heaven cannot bring it down, only God himfelf ; you many times fay, you will break the will of fuch a one, that is, you will make them not to doe fuch a thing, but you are never able to break their wills ; Kings may prevail over their fub;e;ts, to make them to doe what they would have them doe, and their &cares and Liberties may come to be at their difpofe ; but all this while it may be he hath never a one of their hearts, and that is but a very mean kind of Kingly power, only to rule over men by fear, and they not to love him. Bur now Chrifl in his Church, he bath never a fubjea that is truly under his Kingly power, but he rules his very will, and hath never a fubieit but loves him ; where Chrift doth rule Spiritually in the hearts of his people, though they were never fo ílubbo:n and rebellious before, yet when Chrift comes and brings them under his power, bee brings their wills and their hearts to him, and that is the glory of the Kingly power of Chrift. 9 And then in the Ninth place, Chrift is a wonderful King in this, that he hath the perfeéé knowledge of all his Subje6s , and of their wants ; alas , Kings and Prin- ces-in great States, they know but very few Subjeets that they have but now Jells Chrif+ takes notice of every fub- fed that is in his Kingdomnd knowes all their thoughts, and all their vvayes, and Aall their wants, all their conditi- ons, he knovves them all per£eelly. Oh this is the glory of L this