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on the Excell.ençy. of Chrift, this King, and vvonderful is hee in his. Kingly power in this. z o Hee is prefent vvith them all in all the Adminiflrarion of Juftice; the King'hee cannot adminifler Juftice, but hee muff ufe Infiruments to doe it, and bee cannot bee prefent alvvayes ; but Jefus Cória hee is alvvayes prefent in the Ad- minifiratron of vvhat ever is adminiftred to any of his Sub- je,;s, he (lands by andlooks upon them all. i r: Chrift is fuch a King as he bath no need of any Inflru- ments at all ; hee may make ufe of them fometimes, but he hash no need of any. Kings can doe but very little vvith- out fore Infrumeuts, vvhat can a King do:, for the ruling of a Kingdom, but vvith fuck and fuch Iníiruments ? But Jefus Chrift is vvonderful in his Kingly povver, in that bee bath no need of any Inflruments for the admrnifiration of ,any Juftice, but he can doe k all immediately himfelf, if he pleafes. 12 Chri(l is glorious in. his Kingly power, in this, that he do:h over -rule al.l the plots and counfels of all the enemies of his Subjedis, for the furtherance of the glory of his King- dome, and the good of his Subjeeis ; nowmy brethren, look upon thefe things as real, and certainly by faith they are made real to the hearts of-the:Saints, and they doe rejoyce in this if we hadfuch. kind of Governours, that had power over all the plots and defigns of the enemies, what a happy condition would we think our felves to be in ? Now this is in our King the Lord Jefus- Chrifl, he 'lath power overall the plots and endeavours of all adverfaries, to work them all for the good of his Church. -13 Further, the Lord Chrift is wonderful for his Kingly power in regard of his righteoufneffe, 'Thy fcepter is a righ- teoui fcepter, he is King of righreoufneffe, and fo, King of peace, as 1Llelcbifédèckwas. -It is a happy thing when peo- ple ,live under righteous Governours, that they !hall be fure never to have any oppreffion, any wrong at all done by them, but they (hall enjoy all in a righteous and jufi way ;- Jefus,Chrift is fuch .a King, thou fhalt have nothing but righteous