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to god in Worfhip. working; of heart, futable to the feverall Attributes of God, for that is to fanCtifieGods Name, tohave the Duty to be fuch as is Come way futable to fuch a God as we are now worfhip- ping. Now then let us confider what the Scripture faith of God, and then let us fee what futable difpofitions we fhould have in us unto thole things that the Scripture faith of: God : 1. Firft, Youknow the Scripture faith, that God is a Spi- rit, in Job.4 z4. Then presently Chrift faith, Tbat he that woribipi biailinuff woribip bim in Spirit ; that is, there muff bea futablenefs m our worship to what God is : Is Goda Spirit I then all that worfhip hirn,muft worfhip him in Spirit and Truth; that is thus, When I am to go to worfhipGod, I muff confider of him, as he is an infinite and glorious Spirit ; well then, fine- ly bodily worfhip is not fufficient for me : Though I do kneel down inPrayer, or do come and prefent my body to hear the Word, or my body to receive the Sacramenr, this is not towor...- fhipGod as a Spirit : If indeed ,hat our God were as the Hea- thens, that .,ere corporeal, . tf n it were another matter, then bodilyworfhip would ferve the turn : But God being a Spirit, he have Spiritual Worfhip, therefore my So/4v andall,' that is withinme, niagnifiebh : faith (David; my Soul magnifie his Name, not my lips only, but my Soul The Apoftle in Tim. 4. S. fail, that bodily excercifeprofits little; it is no great matter for the body, God looks but verylittle at bodily ex4 - cercite ; but it is godlineis that is profitable, it is the work of the: Spirit ; when we come to pray, we muff pray in theSpirit ; that is, we mutt pray with our Souls, we muff powr forthour Souls before God,&.when wecome to hear, our hearts Muft not go a F.,- rer our Covetoufnefs,wemuff fee our hearts to what we hear,we mutt hear withour hearts as well as with our ears, our fouls mutt be at work in hearingof theword; whenyou hear it is notenough for you to come and fit in a Pew, and have the found of a mans voyce in your ears, but your Souls mull be at work : And fo when you come to receive theSacrament, your Souls. muff feed upon Jefus Chrift :Bodily-worthip without Soulaworfhip is no- thing,. , but. Soul= worth ip rnaybe accepted, Without :!Bodily-wort hip3 ,thereforeit is the SouL 'that God 'cloth principally look aga 9